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Our quality policy


CVL Macchine Speciali S.r.I. bases its manufacturing philosophy on the permanent satisfaction of its Clients, linking

the success of its manufacturing also to the services connected to the product.

It is indeed essential to combine the expected technological, regulatory and legislative performance with high service performance.

The main EXTERNAL objective is the:

Satisfaction of the Clients and of their explicit or implicit requests

Throughout an INTERNAL strategic point of view:

A trustworthy and effective management of the business processes.


CVL Macchine Speciali S.r.I. is engaged in the continuous improving of the objectives above. This improvement is measured on the basis of Company qualities, for which every year the Management defines objectives and establishes the steps for reaching the intermediate goals inserted in the Improvement Plan and in the Indicators' Framework.

Therefore, the fundamental points of our Company philosophy are:

  • A thorough reading and interpretation of the Clients' needs: our Company depends on its Clients, so it is crucial for us to understand their present and future needs, satisfy their explicit, implicit and latent requests and aim to overcome their expectations;

  • The creation and handling of a Management System for Quality according to regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 with particular attention to a continuous improving;

  • The correct and continuous application of the regulation and of the binding and in force law of the branch; The steadiness of the quality of the products and of the related services;

  • A high service performance;

  • A relationship of mutual benefit with our suppliers;

  • The involvement of the whole personnel: the people in charge of the process establish guidelines and have to maintain an environment that involves everybody in reaching the Company's targets.


People at all levels constitute the essence of the organization and their full involvement allows them to put their abilities at the service of the organization: every person must therefore feel responsible of the quality of their work in order to continuously improve the whole organization. 


The Management formally commits in order to make the Quality Policy clear, applied and supported by everyone through an accurate training and Company awareness program, and with a continuous control of the System through regular re-examinations of quality indicators.

To comply with the above method, the Management makes all its resources available because it strongly believes that this is essential to strengthen the Company's position and grant durable competitive advantages, defendable in time.

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