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CVL was born in 1980 as a company specialized in machining  of parts and manufacturing of machines for cutting megnetic sheets of the trasformers. At the beninning of 2015 CVL became CVL Macchine Speciali S.r.l.
CVL is now specialized in engineering manufacturing  and software development of machines and system for:
automation of production processes for the automotive, medical and food industry and home appliance too.
Manufactures automatic and semi automatic lines for the assembly and testing of products like wipers, glow plugs, box compressor, brakes, airbags, headlamps and rear lamps, mechanical systems, dashboard, control unit, medical products, food mproducts and, in general, all the products that need an automated system and process for the assembly and testing.



Internal factory

Break and lunch room

Internal factory


Mechanical technical office

Mechanical technical office

Software technical office


Customer meeting room

Machine assembly area 1

Machine assembly area 2

Electrical workshop


Outdoor area

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